What is in the mattress?

Product Information

Material used in mattresses:

1. LATEX – we sell only 100% all natural Talalay latex.  More details

The Benefits of Latex

Every time you move, twist or turn in your sleep, your Latex mattress quickly responds by adjusting itself to your new position.  Hence, your body remains in a constant state of relaxation and comfort.


Minimal Partner Disturbance

  • Movement on any side of the mattress does not result in any movement on the other side, so no one is disturbed by any unwanted motion. Latex prevents ‘roll together’, a common complaint when one sleeper weighs more than the other.


  • A latex mattress is a perfectly healthy choice since it is safe even for sufferers of asthma or hay-fever who may be sensitive to dust or synthetics.

Self-ventilating Structure

  • A latex mattress has millions of interconnecting air cells which self-ventilate as a result of sleeping movements.  The net result is a cool and comfortable sleep.

Uniform Support

  • The surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, thus eliminating the ‘hammock’ feeling.

Bacteriostatic Properties

  • Our latex mattresses are 100% fungus free and possess antibacterial properties which will last for many years.

Dust Mite and Bed Bug Resistant

  • Due to the natural properties of latex, dust mites (which aggravate asthma) and bed bugs are discouraged from breeding.

Made of 100% Natural Sources

  • Our latex mattresses are made using 100% natural rubber and are free from any harmful or toxic substances.

Long Lasting

  • They can last for up to 25-30 years.  Each of our latex mattresses comes with an unrivalled, revolutionary guarantee of 21 years.

Chemical Free Production

  • Our latex mattresses are manufactured without using toxic chemicals which may leave a residue in the product.

Support and Comfort

  • Latex mattresses help keep the spine correctly aligned. The latex has been orthopaedically designed to have 7 posture zones for optimal posture and lumbar support.

Certified 100% pure and natural






2. Memory Foam – we sell top quality memory foam, high density only (5lb). More details

Benefits of Memory Foam:

  • Memory Foam conforms to your body and provides support of your spine and joints and eliminates pressure points that occur while sleeping.
  • Our Memory Foam increases the maximum length and quality of your sleep.
  • Memory Foam is resistant to motion transfer allowing you to have a restful sleep even if someone else is tossing and turning.
  • Memory Foam mattresses help to insure that the spine is properly aligned while sleeping.






3. Gel Foam – we sell only top quality, high density gel foam, no odor problem! More details

Benefits of GEL-Infused Memory Foam:

  • GEL-Infused Memory Foam includes all the benefits of traditional memory foam.
  • Air flow is increased by allowing the air to escape leading to a cooler sleep.
  • The GEL provides balanced support so that you don’t sink too deep or shallow as you sleep.







4. Biofoam – high density, bio soy bean based foam

High density for the long durability and proper back support.


Every model has exact description, how thick latex, memory foam or gel foam is used. No misleading tricks!





Coil types:

Bonnel coils – double tempered, 13 gauge, ap 430/queen

Bonnell Coil units are made in many gauge, coil counts, and levels of durability. Here are some tips for finding long lasting mattresses of this type. Consider the coil count. In a full size look for a minimum of 500 coils for an adult unless you have a very heavy coil ; 13 or less. A coil count of 312 is great for kids and will be durable in most gauges. Do not buy these tpes of mattresses if they have less than that as you$ll end up replacing it sooner than wished. Gauges of 13-16 are common. The lower the number, the heavier the coil and firmer the support. Lighter gauges can still be durable, but you need very high coil counts. Transfer of motion is also an issue in mattresses this style of coil, but it is much less expensive than the alternatives.




Continuous coils – double tempered, 13 gauge, ap 800/queen

Continuous Coil units systems are durable and responsive. They consist of many coils that are literally one piece of connected metal and give firm support to mattresses for any size person. By keeping each coil connected, every spring is able to draw support from the adjacent coils and combine comfort with durability. A medium gauge coil is often used to allow for gentle give while maintaining longevity. One drawback is the lateral transfer of motion in mattresses using this coil. This is addressed somewhat through running the strands of coils from head to toe rather than side to side. If you need firm support, but want to avoid the transfer of motion completely, look at latex mattresses. That said, the continuous coil system is a good lower cost alternative.





Pocket coils –  high grade, 5 turns, 13 gauge, zoned pocket coils, ap 960/queen

A Pocketed Coil System is a grouping of independent coils wrapped in a fabric casing and joined together with either glue, fabric or thread. Depending upon the tempering and gauge of the coil, you can expect a broad range of durability for mattresses of this type. As a system, it conforms better to your body than mattresses using other styles of coil. It’s terrific for pressure point relief if you are a side sleeper (60% of people are). Mattresses using this coil also dampen the transfer of motion from side to side. Therefore, movement does not disturb sleeping partners as much. The down side of this style of coil is that it is less durable for someone that is above average weight. More wear and tear is put on the coils where you are the heaviest, and therefore the foam directly below you. Body impressions are very common with this style of mattress, especially when the product is not on a solid foundation. Being able to vary the coils that you sleep on will maximize the life of this support system.

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Edge support:

our mattresses have either coiled edge support or foam encasement.

Side edge guards:    many companies, including fancy top brand models are with none or very little edge guard coils, just to keep price low. We sell ONLY triple side edge guard models, it means, that every mattress has an excellent edge support (very hard to squeeze by weight).


Foam encasement: Top quality Edge Support Technology: we sell ONLY top quality 4″ thick, 360 degree foam encasement mattresses, soy bean based high density foam. Many models on the market, including fancy top brand models have only 1 or 2″ thick, low density encasement just to keep low cost, but there is no real edge support.