4 Signs You Need a Memory Foam Mattress

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Modern life, especially in the city, is full of stresses and health hazards. We are continually exposed to pollutants in the air, artificial light, excess noise and all kinds of preservatives and other chemicals in our food. Not to mention the long working hours, stress at work and at home. All of these factors take a toll on our bodies, and the worst of all is not getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is our body’s chance to recover, renew and refresh yourself for the day to come. Yet it’s quite common to feel even more exhausted when you...

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Investing in a New Foam Mattress is Investing in Your Health

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Sleep is an essential part of life. It’s a tie for our bodies to restore themselves, to lower our blood pressure, relax our muscles and to help us get over yesterday’s stresses, while preparing for tomorrow’s. The average person spends one third of their life sleeping, yet the quality of that sleep has rapidly deteriorated over the past decades. With longer working hours, artificial lighting, the noise of the city and home distractions such as smartphones and TVs, we are reducing the body’s ability to get the quality of sleep we need....

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Organic isn’t Just for Food: 5 Benefits of Organic Mattresses

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‘Going organic’ is a term that conjures up images of getting back to nature and avoiding all the chemicals and processing that have become such a huge part of modern life. The term often implies something healthy and natural, and it isn’t just limited to food. More and more people are discovering ways to clothe and even house themselves organically. The idea is, the more organic lives we lead, the healthier we will feel, and that includes a big part of our lives – when we sleep. That’s why plenty of families are turning to organic...

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