Organic Mattresses and Why You Should Think About Switching to Them

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Organic Mattresses TorontoOrganic Mattresses Toronto: A mattress should do a few things well. It should provide support for the spine and neck, it should reduce muscle tension so you can relax and sleep comfortably and it should effectively relieve pressure on key parts of the body. If your mattress does all those things congratulations! You’ve got a winner. But what if you could have a mattress that does all of those things and wasn’t produced using any harmful chemicals or toxic fire retardants? You can if you buy a beautifully crafted organic mattresses in Toronto from Ton Furniture. Every organic mattress we sell is free of the dangerous toxins used to create even the most expensive standard mattress.

Organic Mattresses Toronto: A Mystery No More

Until recently when people heard the term “organic mattress” they likely envisioned a mattress made of whole grain wheat or stuffed with free-range chicken feathers. But the unlikely term “organic mattress” has lately come to be understood for what it really means: a mattress that is carefully crafted without using any of the chemical toxins of most standard mattresses. The benefits of such a mattress are many and include:


  • Allergy relief: Many people experience allergic reactions to their mattress without even realizing it. They think they’ve developed an allergy to the cat or something that’s circulating through the HVAC system. These allergic reactions can range from mild to severe. An organic mattress is often the answer to these vexing allergic reactions.
  • Relief from chemical reactions: While many folks suffer allergic reactions to the chemicals used in mattress production others have more serious reactions that transcends “allergic” and become downright dangerous. The immune and neurological systems can even suffer permanent damage. An organic mattress will remove this hazard from your life.
  • Environmental responsibility: The organic mattress is not only good for your health it’s good for the health of the planet as well. All the chemicals used in the creation of a standard mattress are produced in large industrial plants that generate some of the most disturbing toxic waste imaginable. While a single organic mattress isn’t going to solve the problem of toxic waste by itself, it’s a step in the right direction.
  • Recyclability: Organic mattresses are made from renewable organic materials including organic cotton, wool and rubber. Many of the materials in an organic mattress can be recycled but even those that need to be disposed of will naturally degrade without harming the environment. If a standard mattress is disposed of in a landfill the chemicals used in its production leach into and contaminate the ground.

Organic mattresses in Toronto have been steadily gaining in popularity as their many benefits become apparent to consumers. Ton Furniture has a full range of organic mattresses for Toronto customers that will not only provide a great night’s sleep but do so without any harmful side effects to our clients or the environment. Browse through our enormous online collection or call us on 647-839-5672 to make an appointment to visit our massive wholesale warehouse.