6 Signs of a Great Foam Mattress

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foam mattresses torontoFoam mattresses in Toronto : The foam mattress is a simple wonder that has improved the quality of sleep for countless people. The way a foam mattress contours itself to the body creates a measurably greater degree of comfort than innerspring mattresses along with excellent support. That’s the good news. Unfortunately buying a great foam mattress is not as easy as one might think. There are things to consider before you plunk down your hard-earned money on a foam mattress.

Separating the Good from the Great Foam Mattresses in Toronto

Unfortunately not all foam mattresses in Toronto showrooms are created equal. Below are 6 things that tend to separate the great foam mattresses from the not-so-great.

  1. Density: A mattress composed of 5 lb per cubic foot foam will last 10 years longer on average than a mattress made of 3 lb per cubic foot memory foam. That’s a substantial difference. Beware though: some manufacturers use 5 lb foam only on the outer 1 inch of the mattress with 3 or even 2 lb foam below that.
  1. Thickness: It’s a common misconception that a memory foam mattress is memory foam all the way through. It’s not. The inner core is typically composed of a polyurethane material that’s then wrapped in memory foam. That foam wrapping can be anywhere from 2 to 4+ inches thick. You’ll want to try out specific mattresses to find the thickness that’s right for you.
  1. mmHg rating: mmHg is a method of measuring pressure. In the case of a foam mattress anything under 32 mmHg will relieve pressure. As a general rule the lower the mmHg number the more comfortable and pressure relieving the mattress is. So great foam mattresses in Toronto will usually have an mmHg rating of 20 or lower.
  1. Country of origin: American and Canadian-made foam must adhere to strict safety rules. By contrast most foam producing factories in China are not bound by any particular safety regulations which means the memory foam they produce may include cheap fillers that will undermine longevity.
  1. Certipur-US® compliance: Any great memory foam mattress complies with Certipur-US® standards which means it does not include any harmful toxins or other chemicals. Again, many foam mattresses made with foam produced outside the US/Canada do not meet this standard of safety and therefore cannot be considered great foam mattresses.
  1. Cost: A great foam mattress is one that meets all of the requirements laid out above at a price point that won’t send you to the poor house. Stick with name brands manufactured in North America and wait for a sales event before swooping in to pick up your new mattress. Either that or buy your new mattress for less at Ton Furniture.

Ton Furniture carries only top-quality foam mattresses made by Canada’s top bedding companies and sold to you for less. We’ve been helping people find great foam mattresses in Toronto since 2006 and we can find one for you too. If you don’t see what you want in our online showroom call us on 647-839-5672 and make an appointment to stop by our wholesale warehouse.