4 Signs You Need a Memory Foam Mattress

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memory foam mattresses in TorontoModern life, especially in the city, is full of stresses and health hazards. We are continually exposed to pollutants in the air, artificial light, excess noise and all kinds of preservatives and other chemicals in our food. Not to mention the long working hours, stress at work and at home. All of these factors take a toll on our bodies, and the worst of all is not getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is our body’s chance to recover, renew and refresh yourself for the day to come. Yet it’s quite common to feel even more exhausted when you wake up than when you went to bed. That’s why so many people are turning to memory foam mattresses in Toronto.

What Are the Signs of Poor Sleep? And Why Are People Switching to Memory Foam Mattresses in Toronto?

When you don’t sleep well, you are depriving your body of its rest and recuperation time. When this is repeated over a long period of time, you are putting yourself at risk of many different diseases and complications, including Type-2 diabetes. One of the reasons that sales of memory foam mattresses in Toronto have grown, is an awareness of the increase in numbers of such cases. The signs of sleep deprivation, however, aren’t just limited to tiredness. There are many more symptoms that are leading people to switch to memory foam mattresses in Toronto:

Constant Hunger – If you can eat a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet still feel hungry at regular intervals between those meals, the chances are it’s because your body is tired. When your body’s energy isn’t replenished by quality sleep, it tries to get extra energy from food. Most typically this is in the form of sugary foods. So if you find yourself craving candies, chocolate or even sweet coffee, it’s likely that you’re not sleeping well.

You’re Putting on Weight – Not only can a lack of sleep make you eat more, it can complicate your body’s ability to process food. Sleep deprivation causes your body’s metabolism to slow down, meaning that energy is more likely to be converted into fatty cells. When you don’t sleep well over long periods, it’s quite common to put on weight, or be unable to lose it.

You’re Irritable – It’s hardly a secret that poor sleep leads to irritability. It’s just easier to identify in others rather than ourselves. Have you caught yourself getting angry over small things recently? Have you snapped at someone or something and later regretted it? If you have, you could well be sleep deprived.

You Forget or Misplace Things – If you’ve struggled to find your keys, forgotten to call people back, lost track of what you were thinking about and so on, it could well be because you’re not getting enough sleep. Your brain is overloaded with information it is unable to process.

If these symptoms sound familiar, you need to consider that it could be due to your mattress. There’s no better time than now to upgrade to a memory foam mattress and finally get some quality sleep.